Your Bear Chair is made from Western Red Cedar. A large tree, up to 60 metres tall when mature with drooping branches; trunk often spreading out widely at the base.

The Western Red Cedar has been called’ the cornerstone of Northwest Coast aboriginal culture’ and has great spiritual significance. Coastal people used all parts of the tree. The wood for dugout canoes, house planks, bentwood boxes, clothing, and many tools such as arrow shafts, masks and paddles. The long arching branches were twisted into rope and baskets. It was also used for many medicines. For these people the tree really was ‘arbor vitae’ – the tree of life

The official name of the tree is Thuya Plicata – folded in plaits in reference to the arrangement of the leaves.  Because of its resistance to decay and insect damage – there is a high content of natural oils in the wood – the wood of large fallen trees remain sound for over 100 years. Even salvaged after such a long time the wood can cut into shakes for ea. roof panelling.

For nowadays use Canadian Government has decreed that for every tree cut 25 seedlings are planted. The wood is perfect for decks and expensive outside home decoration. Bear Chairs are made from short-cut rest material but the long lasting quality of Western Red Cedar guarantees a valuable asset to your home and garden.